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What benefit will you obtain from this advance knowledgeable Course?

What benefit will you obtain from this advance knowledgeable Course?

  • You will understand the difference between tuned (based on precise analysis) Himalayan singing bowls (Planetary) and normal singing bowls (ornaments, souvenir);
  • You will learn about the use of Planetary Himalayan singing bowls and accessories, their healing properties and connection with the solar, universal system and human anatomy including its functions uses places and using methods;
  • You will understand about the Planetary properties of Himalayan singing bowls and your ruling, Exalted, debilitated enemy planets and more about your zodiac signs etc by our own created Astro-Planet method;
  • You will be able to use correctly and in a professional way Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments for your own or for your clients benefits;
  • Course book with Therapy/treatment plan with pictures and position with detail advantage of correct uses and disadvantage of wrong uses


How can you use acquired knowledge?

  • You can apply learnt techniques to your friends, family and yourself, and more particularly   provide some relief to children, senior, handicapped, disabled persons etc. ;
  • You can also use learnt techniques in a professional way and start working with clients;
  • You can help to solve many different issues with more choice of different therapies, as this grade provide 8 different possibilities to work with

This workshop is intended

  • For those who are already working with non-Planetary Singing bowls and Gongs but interested to learn more about Planetary Himalayan singing bowls, their amazing healing properties and therapy methods (sound / hertz therapy);
  • For those who want to be introduced to main features of ‘sound / hertz therapy’;
  • For those who plan to work professionally in the field of ‘Sound / hertz therapy’ with the use of Planetary Himalayan singing bowls;
  • For those who want to support others by doing individual therapies, planetary sound meditation/bath and also are interested to be teacher in this field.


You will learn following methods of therapy, healing, and Sound massage:

1 DAY WORKSHOP PLAN Basic level activities. 


  •  Aura cleaning’ with planetary bowl - to balance physical, mental and Pranic Energies
  • Vision cleaning and self-tuning techniques with planetary bowl - for institutive decisions and better mental condition
  • Head massage treatment for headaches with planetary bowl - to cure migraine, headache, high temper, to descend energies to the body part, to calm mind and head related troubles  
  • Back pain treatment with planetary bowl - to cure lower back pain (also whole back) which is common mondial problem of most of the people
  • Muladhara (first Chakra) balancing technique to boost sexual life and for more advantage with 1 Planetary therapeutic bowl  




  • Complete relaxation with 2 Planetary Singing bowls 
  • Interior Journey with 4 Planetary Singing bowls
  • Back and neck pain with 6 planetary Singing bowls

And short revision on following short techniques

  • Aura cleaning’ with 1 planetary bowl.
  • Vision cleaning and self-tuning techniques with 1 planetary bowl
  • Head massage treatment for headaches with 1 planetary bowl
  • Back pain treatment with 1 planetary bowl 




  Deeper understanding, professional manner, how to do consultation with your clients, much more choice of different methods according to different problems, and following techniques

  • 7 bowls birth and childhood trauma removing therapy,
  • 8 bowls inner harmony therapy
  • 10 bowls Children/youth therapy


                And more specifically:

  • The various methods of Sound & Hertz therapy;
  • How to use and play Singing bowls, bells and Tingshaws in a correct way to achieve healing power;
  •  The various methods of uses of these instruments in Sound & Hertz therapy and for other propose;
  • How to produce sounds effectively according to instruments and accessories for different propose;
  •  The importance of using these techniques correctly;
  •  Healing properties & possible treatments with each planets, celestial objects and brain waves ;
  •  A lot of self-practice and practice on each other (group);
  •  Videos of the process of manufacturing singing bowls, other instruments and current scientific studies;
  • Combination of Mantras with sound and vibration healing (optional for 3 days course);
  •  Certification at the end of the course insuring everyone’s confidence

 Frequently asked questions solve

To apply for workshop by e mail sialarena@gmail.com or +37122159413.


About the Teacher/Master

Govinda Prasad Tiwari was born in Nepal, in a small hilly village nested in the shadow of the Himalayan Mountains. Blessed to have grown up in an amazingly rich natural environment, in the lap of traditional Bramhan farmer family, Govinda was raised to gain great knowledge of self-awareness from harsh realities of the daily life in rural parts of Nepal. Since his childhood, Govinda has been playing music: Nepali folk music, devotional hymns (Bhajans/kirtans), dance, Satsang (spiritual discussions) or reading Veda (ancient books) were among the only means of entertainment at that time.

Govinda’s father was a Brahman respected in the village as "guru" for his deep knowledge of Vedic traditions and other spiritual teachings. The family’s home was a kind of ashram (spiritual school) where villagers, visitors, Saddhus and Mahatmas (sages), and other ascetics would often gather and share their experiences, and perform with spiritual activities and rituals. This natural and spiritual environment nurtured Govinda’s soul and was determinant in his connection with universal energies.

Govinda’s major subject was music and his early professional years were dedicated to the Nepalese music industry as a full-fledged professional Musician and Singer. Throughout the years, Govinda became a renowned national artist (author/lyricist, composer, singer, musical instruments player). He further expanded his professional experience as a Sound Engineered in the arrangement of musical compositions and recordings. In early 2000’s, Govinda established two main companies involved in the creation, production and distribution of songs and music, mostly in Nepal and in the tourism industry whose specialty is to propose unique travel experiences and amazing spiritual adventures, which include retreats in various locations of Nepal and Tibet.

Besides his professional activities, Govinda pursued his spiritual path with retreats and spiritual teachings in various ashrams in Nepal and India. In 2008, Govinda was first introduced to the planetary Himalayan singing bowls with Swiss Master Jean-Daniel Isenschmied during a mission in Nepal to search for singing bowls with specific planetary properties. Based on his experience as a Musician and Sound Engineer, Govinda created a laboratory in Kathmandu (Nepal) to measure and analyze frequencies and other properties of singing bowls gongs and other healing instruments.

Since then, Govinda could benefit from the deep knowledge and teachings of his Swiss Master. Govinda’s initiation was further strengthened with courses and teachings from renowned therapists and healers: grand Gong Master Don Conreaux (USA) Shanta Ratna Shakya and few others (Nepal), Peter Hess, Emily Hess, (Germany) Surana (Slovenia) Surrender (Portugal) and few more from different countries.

These days, Govinda dedicates his time and energy to combine all these teachings, to apply them, to test them with physical reality and scientific evidences and to share his acquired knowledge to wider audience by 1 day seminar to 16 days professional master teaching events.